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October 2014 Archives

SSDI backlog rising, while the approval rate is falling

The line began to form when Gerald Ford was president. The president who so loved Colorado ski vacations left office back in January of 1977. That’s when the backlog of Social Security disability cases waiting to be heard on appeals began.

Social Security statements: they're back and they're important

They used to arrive in the mail about three months before each birthday. You would open the envelope from the Social Security Administration and see the amount you were on target to be paid after your retirement. About five years ago, the mailed Social Security statements stopped arriving at your Denver home.

A Denver workers' comp law firm devoted to helping you recover

No matter how careful you are, no matter how knowledgeable, and no matter how experienced, an on-the-job injury can happen. Here in Colorado, most employees are covered after a workplace accident, regardless of whether it was their fault or not, and regardless of whether it took place in a Denver high-rise, a construction site or on a factory floor.

What do I give up when I represent myself in a workers' comp case?

Sometimes in life, all we need in order to make a good decision is to have information. Then we can ponder our options and make the choice that is most favorable. Bad decisions are often made when we simply don't have enough information about the available choices.

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