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The passion of the nurse

In a 2015 study, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that approximately five of every 1,000 registered nurses in the United States missed work due to injury. Of all the physical damage these medical professionals face on a daily basis, back injuries topped the list.

Some essential information for those about to start receiving disability benefits

There is perhaps no better moment for someone dealing with an incapacitating injury or illness than the day they learn their application for Social Security disability benefits has been approved. Indeed, it means they now have access to a sort of financial lifeline that they can use to help cover basic necessities.

Is job insecurity taking a toll on your health?

The unfortunate reality for many workers here in Colorado and across the U.S. is that there will more than likely come a time when they are feeling less than confident about the security of their position. Indeed, anything from a slow quarter or a loss of customers to a merger or rising operational costs can cause both white- and blue-collar workers to wonder whether it's time to start searching the want-ads.

Understanding the heat-related illnesses that can affect workers - II

In a previous post, we began discussing how even though most of us are welcoming the return of 80- and 90-plus degree days with open arms, it's nevertheless important to remember that these elevated temperatures can present a very real threat to wellbeing of outdoor workers, including those who earn a living in landscaping, agriculture, construction, and oil and gas.

Are employers sacrificing workplace safety to meet earnings expectations?

You don't need to have a doctorate in economics or a master's degree in business administration to know that the primary objective of any private sector enterprise is to turn a profit in a given year. As painfully obvious as this is, what might not be quite so obvious is the method that organizations use to determine their annual financial success.

Understanding the heat-related illnesses that can affect workers

While most view the Memorial Day holiday weekend as a time for both remembrance and relaxation, it's important not to forget that it also serves as the unofficial start of summer, meaning it won't be long until the temperature starts to rise.

CSU study: Is cannabis work dangerous?

The massive growth of the cannabis industry in Colorado has led to the creation of cannabis-related jobs throughout the state. But how safe are these jobs? Due to the recent rise of the industry, data about the health and safety of workers in cannabis-related jobs has been hard to come by.

Study: Colorado's cannabis industry in need of work safety overhaul

While it may seem hard to believe, it's now been over four years since voters passed Colorado Amendment 64, the historic measure legalizing the personal use of marijuana by adults 21 and over, and calling for the drug to be cultivated, sold and regulated in a similar manner to alcohol.

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