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Landscape workers, take note and stay safe: Deaths on the rise

A recent OSHA news release shows that landscape workers and others in roles related to outdoor work and maintenance are increasingly at risk of injury or death while on the job. OSHA found that fatalities have been steadily rising in this industry since 2012, and that in some states the fatality rate has almost tripled.

Did you know March is National Ladder Safety Month? - II

Earlier this month, we discussed how March 2017 has been designated by the American Ladder Institute as National Ladder Safety Month, a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to do everything from decrease ladder-related injuries and deaths to encourage the disposal of "old, damaged or obsolete ladders."

Did you know March is National Ladder Safety Month?

In a post last week, we discussed how it might come as something of a surprise for people to learn that the American Academy of Ophthalmology has long urged workers to make prevention of work-related eye injuries a priority during the month of March.

How outdoor workers can stay safe in extreme heat - II

In our last post, we discussed how those men and women who work outdoors are susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and took a closer look at these two dangerous heat illnesses in order to help these workers better protect themselves.

How outdoor workers can stay safe in extreme heat

Temperatures across much of the U.S. are expected to spike dramatically over the next few days, including here in Colorado. Indeed, the forecast is currently calling for the Denver metropolitan area to see the mercury rise to as high as 96 degrees by Friday.

Colorado oil field deaths related to toxic vapor exposure

America's oil boom has created high-paying jobs for workers willing to put in long hours and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, however, oil field jobs also come with serious dangers - both known and unknown. Too many oil workers have suffered serious injuries or lost their lives because oil companies put profits ahead of safety.

Dangerous work requires extensive safety training, OSHA warns

Although antiquated, the term "lumberjack" still conjures a powerful image in the minds of most Americans. The difficult and exhausting work lumberjacks undertook helped settle the West and build our nation's infrastructure.

Denver's 'Vision Zero' plan may also be boon for certain workers

The general trend in automobile travel has been one of improving safety. As technology gets better, car accidents are less likely to result in deaths and serious injuries. Unfortunately, however, Colorado broke from that trend last year.

Preventing common workplace accidents in 2016

Now that 2016 is here, many Americans will be trying to follow through on the New Year's resolutions they made in December. Unfortunately, a lot of resolutions are destined to fail because the goals are too lofty and the planning too minimal. Experience shows that success is far more likely if we set realistic goals and exert effort on a daily basis.

Criminal conviction for CEO years after coal mine explosion

Many people don't realize that workers' compensation insurance contains what is supposed to be a mutually beneficial trade-off for workers and employers. Injured workers can usually expect their injury claims to be paid quickly and efficiently, while employers can protect themselves against the time and expense associated with defending themselves in a lawsuit.

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