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Resolving work comp disputes: The prehearing conference

When an individual suffers a work-related injury that has left them unable to perform their duties and, by extension, unable to cover the costs of everyday living, he or she will naturally look to their employer's workers compensation coverage for much-needed relief.

The dangers lurking in summer jobs

Getting a summer job is a great way for a teen to earn money, gain work experience and do something productive. But along with all those pluses come some risks. If you're a teen and are embarking on the adventure of a summer job, it's important to understand the dangers you face and do everything to ensure your safety.

Your job could be safer: Beverage and food delivery

Very few of us can grow all of our own food and make all of our own favorite drinks. That doesn't matter in this day and age because we know we can go to the restaurant across town or the grocery store down the street to get everything we need to be well fed. Yet, while we know to praise the farmers that grow our food, we often forget everyone else that is working hard to help us put dinner on the table. Food and beverage delivery drivers take risks every day of their lives -- lifting, loading and driving -- to help us eat well. 

Will filing a workers' comp claim hurt my employer?

Maybe your boss is your friend, or you work for a mom and pop shop. Maybe you happen to like your employer. Or maybe you are just a nice person. In any case, if you are worried that you will harm your employer by bringing a workers' compensation, rest assured: You won't.

Work comp laws protect guest workers, a vital part of Colorado's agricultural industry

As guest workers begin to come back to Eastern Colorado to help our farmers, it's a good time for a reminder: temporary and seasonal agricultural workers are eligible for workers' compensation. This is true even if they are here on a temporary H-2A classification or are undocumented.

Can you reopen a work comp claim?

When a worker suffers an injury that leaves them completely disabled for a short period, he or she can look to temporary total disability benefits to help alleviate some of the inevitable financial hardship. Similarly, when an injured worker is only able to perform modified duties with reduced hours or reduced wages, he or she can look to temporary partial disability benefits.

Decision in Case: Pueblo County, CO and County Technical Services, Inc. v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

Today, the Colorado Court of Appeals issued a decision in the case of Pueblo County, CO and County Technical Services, Inc. v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office; W.C. No. 4-911-673 upholding a lower court's decision that an injury sustained while attending a union meeting is compensable under the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act.

Will bill calling for greater discretion in work comp fines pass?

Under Colorado law, those businesses found to be lacking the necessary workers' compensation coverage for the first time face fines of up to $250 per day, with this amount jumping to between $250 to $500 per day for repeat offenders.

Are surviving dependents entitled to work comp benefits? -- II

In our previous post, we discussed the unfortunate reality that workplace fatalities are a far more common occurrence than people might believe, with statistics from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration showing more than 93 workers per week lost their lives in 2015 alone.

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