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March 2017 Archives

Are surviving dependents entitled to work comp benefits?

While most people are willing to accept that there is a possibility they could suffer some manner of work-related injury on any given day, they might have a much harder time accepting the possibility that they could actually lose their lives while performing their duties.

Did you know March is National Ladder Safety Month? - II

Earlier this month, we discussed how March 2017 has been designated by the American Ladder Institute as National Ladder Safety Month, a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to do everything from decrease ladder-related injuries and deaths to encourage the disposal of "old, damaged or obsolete ladders."

Does Iowa Provide A Glimpse Of The Future Of Colorado Workers' Comp?

Some states are considering scaling back workers' compensation benefits and workers' comp systems as a whole. This naturally leads to a question for Colorado workers - is our state next? That question is difficult to answer, especially due to the political party division that exists in Colorado's state government. However, we can look at what is happening in these other states to get a glimpse of what may be in store for our state down the road.

Study finds tattoo artists at an elevated risk of work injuries

In the not-so-distant past, there was something of a cultural stigma attached to the idea of tattoos, such that they were considered to be outside the norm. Fast forward to the present, however, and societal attitudes have shifted considerably, something evidenced by the fact that roughly one in three Americans has a tattoo.

Timeline: Workers' Comp Claims in Colorado

After a work injury, workers' who have been hurt rightfully have many questions. While clients often ask things such as "what workers' comp benefits am I able to get?" and "will workers' comp cover my medical bills?," one question comes up in every situation: how long until I get my workers' comp benefits?

Workers urged to consider their eye-related wellbeing during March

While most of us associate the month of March with the much-welcomed end of another long winter and, of course, Saint Patrick's Day, a prominent medical association wants us to start associating it with an important health issue: prevention of work-related eye injuries.

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