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Did you know: You are eligible for workers' compensation even if you are at fault in your work-related car accident?

When you cause a car accident in Colorado, your car insurance company must compensate the other victims. Yet, that does not mean that you do not have the option to seek compensation for your own injuries, particularly if you were driving for your job. In fact, workers' compensation insurance covers you in the exact same way as it would cover someone who slipped and fell on a wet surface at work.

Workers' compensation works like this: If you are injured while working, regardless of where or how the injury occurs, you are eligible for workers' compensation. Do not fail to report a work injury out of embarrassment -- your employer cannot retaliate against you for bringing a workers' compensation claim and it is your right to be compensated for your injuries and lost wages.

Act quickly: Report your accident to secure compensation

After a work-related car accident, two different legal claims happen at the same time: A personal injury claim and a workers' compensation claim. You should immediately report your car accident to your insurance company (but make sure to only give them the facts about your accident -- do not admit fault) and your employer to start the claims process.

Many people will drag their feet because they do not know they are eligible for workers' compensation or they do not want their employer to know they caused an accident. They are doing themselves a great disservice. You have only four working days to report your injury -- in writing -- to your employer. Any delay can lead to fewer benefits. In fact, you can lose up to an entire day's compensation for each day you delay.

Why should you seek workers' compensation?

Your car insurance will only compensate you up to a certain amount for your accident. Workers' compensation supplements that amount and provides lost wages at the rate of up to two-thirds of your average pay. You may also receive compensation for your medical treatment, temporary disability (if you miss more than three work shifts), permanent disability (whether or not you are able to keep working) and disfigurement. Learn more by visiting our page on workers' comp benefits.

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