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October 2016 Archives

What 'wounded warriors' need to know about securing disability benefits

It's extremely important for those brave men and women who suffered some manner of disabling injury while serving in our nation's armed forces to understand that they may be entitled to more than just the benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Indeed, they may also be able to secure benefits via the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

Am I eligible for temporary disability benefits? - III

In today's post, we'll continue with our discussion of temporary total disability benefits -- otherwise known as TTD benefits -- which are available to those workers here in Colorado who are left completely disabled for a relatively short amount of time

Report: Work comp laws in 33 states engaged in 'race to the bottom'

Over the last ten days, the majority of people have more than likely seen their daily dose of news coverage consumed by reports relating to the imminent presidential election. While this comprehensive reporting makes sense, it can sometimes serve to push other important stories to the backburner.

Report identifies emerging safety issues in the healthcare field

As we've made clear in previous posts, those men and women who earning a living in the healthcare sector as nurses, nursing assistants and aides are at an elevated risk of suffering serious work-related injuries given the physical demands and other risks they encounter during the course of a typical shift.

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