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February 2015 Archives

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

As the remaining days of February dwindle, we look ahead to March and the coming of spring. With spring comes a renewal of energy and sense of purpose. For people who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, or colon cancer, March is set aside as a month to make people more aware of the disease and ways to combat it and help prevent it.

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment: fair warning

When a Denver construction worker is injured on the job, one of the first things he or she might do after receiving medical treatment is to go to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment's website. The site is crammed with useful information tailored to various audiences, including injured workers, employers, doctors, insurers and workers' comp attorneys, among others.

A plan for fixing Social Security for decades

The issue is detailed and discussed more and more in newspapers and on websites Denver residents read. The issue is the looming budget shortfall for the Social Security Disability trust fund. As we have noted in this space before, if no funding fix is implemented, the trust will be able to pay SSDI/SSD beneficiaries only about 80 percent of their benefits.

Obama to Congress reluctant to fix: 'No dice'

We have in the recent past referred to a growing, dark cloud on the horizon. A fiscal crisis at the Social Security Administration could potentially mean that SSD/SSDI beneficiaries will next year see a cut of about 20 percent in benefits, if Congress and President Barack Obama don't hammer out a solution beforehand.

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