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July 2014 Archives

Treasury Secretary proposes SSDI funding fix

As Colorado voters know, the mid-term election is fast approaching. In the days leading to November, we can expect the intensity of debates over a wide variety of issues to heat up and the volume and frequency of TV ads to increase. One of the issues that might move into the hot lights by election day is the question of how the nation will solve a budget shortfall due to hit Social Security Disability in 2016.

Study: injured workers who fear for jobs slower to return to work

A number of things race through a person’s mind after they suffer a workplace injury. They wonder how serious the injury is, how long they might miss work and whether they will qualify for medical and financial assistance available from Colorado workers’ compensation insurance.

OSHA forced to focus on work accident inquiries, not prevention

When someone is injured on the job, in many cases people will look for a person to blame. Perhaps it was the injured person who caused the workplace accident, or maybe it was the employer at fault or maybe it was a safety regulation failure.

Employers evading obligations in work accidents large and small

As many of our Denver readers know, just seven miles northeast of the city sits an oil refinery. Some of our older readers might recall the Commerce City oil refinery blast of 1978 that killed several workers and left others with serious injuries.

SSDI: it's not quick or easy, but can be crucial

The head of a nonprofit human services organization recently penned an article on what to do after a serious injury or illness prevents a person from working. For many people in that situation, there are not only the serious medical issues to deal with, but also the questions of how to pay everyday bills that keep a roof over their head and food on their table.

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