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Seasonal retail employees have workers’ compensation rights

The holiday season is a hectic time for retail workers. You are often working longer and irregular hours in stores with impatient shoppers while trying to meet the needs of the business. Many retailers rely on seasonal workers during this time to manage the additional load.

While working long holiday hours, you risk the possibility of slipping and falling and having items falling on you as you work with a large inventory. If you are taking on a seasonal retail job this year, you have the same rights as a non-seasonal employee when it comes to workplace accidents.

Accidents happen in the workplace even after safety training

Can you remember the last time you attended safety training at work? It may have been an early morning for you, and the droning voices or late 80s training videos started to lull you to sleep. One elbow is resting on the table, your head resting on your hand, and that’s all it takes to let your attention wander as you struggle not to fall asleep.

Safety training may not be the most exciting part of a job, but they are essential to keeping you safe. Your employer should be offering regular instructions to all employees to help avoid workplace accidents and injury. But what happens when they did provide training, and an accident still occurs?

Unique MRI can predict chronic pain after a whiplash injury

Remember that “not-so-bad” accident you had at work the other week? It might return to haunt you weeks or even months from now with severe chronic pain if the accident involved any form of whiplash. These types of injuries can have lasting effects—even putting someone in so much pain that they will be affected by it every day for the rest of their life.

On average, about 25 percent of people have chronic pain for months or even years after whiplash occurs. But a study from Northwestern Medicine shows that scientists may have found an identifier for who will suffer from chronic pain after whiplash and who will recover fully afterward.

Is location relevant when protecting and serving causes injuries?

Law enforcement is not a typical “nine to five” job. Officers see their commitment as something limited by hours, time of day or even location.

The daily grind inherent in the vocation does require time off to rest, recuperate and recharge. For some, attending an out-of-state concert on October 1 was meant to relieve stress, not create more.

Traveling employees: “Injured on the job” can happen anywhere

“Injured on the job” does not mean, “injured at your workplace.” Rather, it refers to any injury suffered while working. This is a very important distinction for a traveling employee whose workplace might be a moving car, truck or airplane (or the various destinations to which those vehicles travel).

This bears repeating: If you working when you are injured — no matter where you are — you can file a workers’ compensation claim.

The true cost of new safety regulations

According to a recent Mayor’s Management Report, worker injuries in New York City this year are on the increase from 526 to 622. In response to the 18 percent jump in serious and fatal accidents, the city’s chief executive Bill de Blasio signed a recently passed bill.

The new bill passed unanimously in the New York State Assembly and signed by the mayor mandates at least 40 hours of safety training for 185,000 construction workers.

Did a major transit authority put their bus drivers at risk?

A great deal can happen over the course 48 hours. In that amount of time, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority kept a fleet of hybrid buses manufactured by NABI after being notified by a maintenance superintendent that buses’ engines ran the risk of stalling, putting drivers and passengers at risk.

In late July, mechanics began installing new master switches to replace the old ones. One problem. According to union mechanics, a wire in the switch cuts power on the bus if a wire becomes loose or breaks.

Injured workers caught in the crossfire of state vs. federal law

Of all prominent personalities quoted before any court, Jerry Garcia is rarely referenced.

Yet, in his opening remarks, Norman Trask, an attorney appearing before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, cited the Grateful Dead leader’s own words that also served as the title of the band’s second compilation album.

The growing problem of workplace violence against nurses

It is a job where a “typical workday” may include yelling, spitting, or serious assaults. In fact, many feel that the risk of violence these professionals face on an ongoing basis makes it one of America’s most dangerous jobs.


Afraid your work comp claim will hurt your employer? Fear not.

You’re a good person. You like your employer. Your injury isn’t that bad. So why should you file a workers’ compensation claim against your employer?

Many of the people that come into our law office are worried about how their workers’ compensation claim will affect their employers. We understand that, but we also want you to know: An insurance company, not your employer, will pay your claim. In other words, if you were injured at work, you can and should file for workers’ compensation.

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